Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Park Outdoor is ready to be your partner in increasing sales. As the New York Times has recognized, technical advances and life style changes have made billboards more effective than ever.

Park Outdoor employs the latest software, digital printing techniques and seamless vinyl to reach your customers where they spend so much of their time behind the wheel. 


Immediate Awareness

Consumers and commuters travel the same road every day – they are familiar with it. One small change in the scenery will be noticed.

Your customers will be immediately aware of your message

30 Days of the Exposure vs. 30 Seconds or Less
Get your message out there around the clock for a full 30 day period, in front of each and every passer-by, many of whom will view it repeatedly and come to feel that they “know” you.

Tourists and Travelers Depend on Outdoor Advertising

Got food, gas or lodging? Something a customer is looking for? Put your business name right in front of those who need it, right when they need it! And no need to stop for directions.

Full Color Eye Catching Design as big as the Great Outdoors

Work directly with our in-house graphics team which is skilled in innovative design and state-of-the-art imaging techniques to give your message real impact.

America On the Road

90% of American households own vehicles, and Americans are spending more time on the road than ever before according to recent studies.
And who has the largest average drive time? Busy moms and dads keeping up with the children’s activities.

Make Outdoor a Major Part of Your Media Mix

Outdoor reinforces your message in the other media.
Highly visible and cost effective, Outdoor gives you a dynamic message with maximum exposure.

Increased Sales with Just One Glance

With a growing number of commuters and longer commute times, more consumers than ever before are exposed to Outdoor Advertising, giving wide exposure of your business.
Outdoor reaches people on their way to make and spend money.
Uniquely target your message locally, geographically and demographically with Outdoor Advertising.


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